5 stars | 16 reviews
5 stars | 16 reviews
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Past Projects from Deep Foundation Repair 

We are proud of the work we do, and we’re eager to show you what we’re capable of! Check out our gallery of past projects below, and contact Deep Foundation Repair today to reinforce your home or business.

Crews work to build a new foundation at a job site.
Strong rebar supports are the framework for a foundation repair.
Crews using an excavator to drive helix piers deep into the ground during a new construction project.
A newly completed foundation project supports a tall, stone-walled house.
The beginnings of a foundational piling project from Deep Foundation Repair.
A crewmember carefully drives heavy machinery over a swampy area.
A crew member drives helix piers into the ground at a job site.
Several vertical poles peek out from a marshy area behind a large house.

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